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Welcome to backup camera HQ, today we are going to review the Pyle PLDN74BTI monitor which is a cheap and affordable compliment to the Koolertron wired backup camera. This isn’t just any ordinary touch display monitor; it is an extraordinary piece of electronics when it comes to backup monitors.

Now pay attention, recently I installed a backup camera system into a 1997 Chevy Camaro using the Pyle PLDN74BTI monitorand BOYO VTL375HD HD Rear View Camera, which mounts on the license plate.

First I am going to tell you about the installation: Easy. The instructions aren’t great. I have mentioned this about manufactures instructions before. I think manufactures believe that you are going to have the monitor installed by a professional installer, so they don’t put much into their own manuals.

Hopefully if some of them read this maybe they will get a hint

The handiest piece of paper Pyle sent was an install diagram, however if you don’t have experience in automotive wiring expect to have a frustrating learning curve. I installed the system in about an hour.

Give yourself at least two hours.

What you get out of the box

  • Of course you will get the monitor which plays DVD’s, compact discs, compact disc Rewrit’s, MP3’s & Mp4’s. This monitor even has auto store capabilities with preset scanner. SD card slot so you can play even more of your favorite music or stored photos.
  • AM/FM, IPod connector in case you want to listen to your favorite radio station or play your IPod if your on the go a lot.
  • Built in Bluetooth technology that allows wireless connectivity between your phone, computer and oh ya, your backup camera! (Almost forgot to mention that).
  • This monitor also has a motorized slide down panel on the front for ease of access.
  • Touch screen controls for easy operation while you’re driving (although I recommend you’re co-pilot to operate the monitor and you just focus on the road).
  • 7inch TFT viewing area with 1440 X 234 pixels for a very high quality picture for your enjoyment and safety.
  • All the hardware you need to get this monitor mounted and running in under an hour.

Pro’s of the Pyle System

When you spend your hard earned money on a monitor of this kind, you want to make sure that you cans see the screen from different angles. When your backing it’s really nice to glance at the monitor and know what is behind you.

Pyle PLDN74BTI, exceeds my expectations with the clarity of the screen while in reverse and the entertainment displays. The touch pad is big enough so you can control every function while driving.

The Bluetooth is superb. Once I started the Camero that we retrofitted it found my phone almost instantly. It even plays your favorite music through Pandora, something I didn’t expect.

Cons of the monitor

One problem that we found was that if there is a lot of sunlight it is hard to see the screen clearly. My suggestion would be take your automobile outside during the day and test where you are going to mount the monitor.

Find the best location so you can take quick glances and understand what you are seeing. Is the monitor blurry, fuzzy, and blotchy? To dark or to light? If so change locations until it’s just right. Mark the area before the installation.

The sound quality wasn’t the best because of its limited range. If you are installing this monitor in a Ford F-150 with king cab, keep the windows up when you have passengers. As far as in cab this monitor sounds pretty good. That’s what counts!

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Overall this monitor passed all of my tests. It exceeded all my expectations, which is hard to do. I recommend this product as a replacement monitor. Just be sure to check the specification with your backup camera before ordering.

If you’re retrofitting an older car or truck this Pyle monitor with is going to be a great addition. And if you plan on selling your vehicle you will make your money back three fold.

The Pyle system, car video system is a fantastic backup camera monitor. The Bluetooth works great with most wireless backup camera systems. Plus it blends entertainment with safety on those long drives to the in-laws house more bearable.

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