Bluetooth Backup Camera Buyers Guide


Please read and view the following reviews to help you find the perfect aftermarket bluetooth backup camera today, so read on to find out all the details you need…
Bluetooth Backup Camera


 Top Bluetooth or Wifi Backup Cameras for Smart Phone

Most people already have a great monitor for a rearview camera in their pockets these days.  So discover the best working bluetooth or wifi backup camera that will connect to your smart phone by clicking here…


Top Rearview Cameras for adding Bluetooth Hands Free Calling

Other people don’t mind having another big screen in their car, and perhaps are even looking for bluetooth handsfree calling.  If this is the case for you then look not further. Click here for the top product choices…


Easiest Bluetooth Camera to Install

iball bluetooth wifi

The biggest problem with buying an aftermarket backup camera is the installation.  That is why Bluetooth and wireless backup cameras are so popular.  However there are a couple backup cameras that are easier to install then others. Read the reviews here…

gps wifi


Top Wifi Rearview Camera with GPS

Many people don’t know that you can actually purchase a GPS system with a built in backup camera.  And if you’re not using your phone as your GPS read more here…


Top Truck Trailer Hitch Camera iball wireless 2

Another important reason to purchase a backup camera is to make hitching that trailer a little easier. Otherwise getting in and out of your truck 20 times can be a real pain.  Learn about the top trailer hitching cameras here. 


Rear View Safety


* Top Rated Big Truck or RV Camera *

Big Trucks and RV’s need backup cameras, especially in residential areas. Don’t go wrong with such a big purchase. Read our reviews here…


Tips to Remember:

  • Installation – How do you plan to install your backup camera? It isn’t as easy as you’d think, and if you can’t manage you can always get most car and stereo installation places to help you out.
  • Waterproofing – Most backup cameras have come a long way, but cheap cameras are going to leak and be a waste of money.  Worse they will be a waste of time because these things aren’t easy to install.
  • Bluetooth – connectivity. Some early products have delays or can be useless if someone else has there bluetooth enabled on their phone. So only purchase the highest quality products.
  • Wifi backup cameras – for iPhones and Android smartphones can have similar problems to bluetooth connectivity.
  • Wired Cameras – don’t forget about wired rearview camera options too. A well installed wired camera is likely to have a larger life then a wifi backup camera because smart phones are changing so quickly.  iPhone users often have a hard time connecting to in car bluetooth systems because of iOS updates.
  • Screen Size – Maybe you want a bigger screen than your phone.  7″ would nice in all cars, or maybe you just don’t want to use your phone for everything.
  • Detail of Camera – It is very important that you think about the detail of the camera.  Lack of detail can mean a lack of clarity.  Especially on your super detailed retina iPhone screen.
  • Don’t get overwhelmed – There are so many backup cameras on the market that it is hard to narrow your buying options. Start with the listed categories listed above, and it will quickly become clearer what you need to.


Bluetooth Backup Camera Installation Video:

Want to know how easier or hard it is to install the average backup camera? Go ahead and watch the video below.  Just remember there are easier aftermarket backup cameras.



Well hopefully at this point you have a great idea of which camera you would like to start investigating, so scroll up and start your search to find the perfect bluetooth backup camera for you.  And if you have any questions, you can always use the contact forum at the top of the page to email us.  Whatever needs to be done we can help, all the best on you hunt.

Still unsure about backup cameras? This is an older video I put together, but it gives you a good idea of the range of backup cameras on the market.


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