Boyo Wired Backup Camera VTL422C Review

This is a hard wired backup camera and for all accounts in our opinion the Boyo VTL422C is one of the best in its class. With this system you’ll never sacrifice cost over safety.wired backup camera

What makes Boyo rear view camera VTL422C Best in Class?

That would be its zinc finish that protects the electronics inside the tube and will never rust. This is where the Boyo begins to blast past most of its competitors.

Pro’s of the Boyo Camera bar

But that’s not all Boyo, also gives you the widest view of all economical cameras. Were most of the competitors giving you a 110 degree camera angle, it doesn’t near compare to the VTL422c camera bar. The width will allow you to see a whopping 150 degree angle. Nothing will be hidden with that view.

The Boyo VTL422c camera camera bar is also water proof and has the pc167 rating which means that nothing can penetrate it’s seal like strong hurricane storms and it’s also protected from dust.

Cons of the Boyo Camera bar:

Like all good products there is always something that most consumers don’t like and feel that the manufacturer could make better. While this is also true about the Boyo VTL422C camera bar, you really can’t get a better rear view camera for the price.

With that said, there are 2 big issues with the Boyo camera bar lens

1. “Fish eye” effect you get which makes it hard to judge distances.

2. Another problem with the camera’s lens is with night vision. Apparently it doesn’t work very well because of the lack of LED illumination. However, it is our opinion that the anti scratch coating which tints the lens may also hinder its effect.

As with all of our backup camera reviews, we always come up with a fix or tweak that makes the issues almost transparent.

How to Fix the night vision on the Boyo Rearview camera bar

You can get by with just using your back up light. However since you are going to be wiring and mounting the camera any way why not install an LED light that turn on when you place your car in reverse. We recommend Warrior Products 2″ LED Reverse Light Kit which you can get by clicking here:

Conclusion of Boyo Backup Camera VTL422C

Just to recap, right out the box you get:

* rust resistant camera body with zinc finish that is completely water proof

* 150 degree camera angle the widest angle in the economy class

* Two colors for to choose from Black and Chrome.

* All the mounting hardware and wiring needed to do it yourself. 1 year warranty

Well there you have it. Boyo Backup Camera VTL422C, has everything you need for an economically safe and sound rear view backup system. Purchase one online at half price here.

The Boyo camera bar is great for replacing any backup camera that you may had previously, because this is not a complete system. If you still need a monitor we recommend this one here.

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