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Welcome to Backup Camera HQ where today we are looking at the wifi backup camera system by 4UCAM. This backup camera or rearview camera is one of the best choices on the market, when it comes to a Wi-Fi or bluetooth backup camera that connects to your iPhone or Android smartphone.  But has the technology come far enough in the last two years to warrant this product viable? Read on find out…

Advantages of the 4UCAM

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With this 4UCAM backup camera you can actually connect via Wi-Fi from your phone to the camera.  This makes sure that you don’t need an extra monitor, so you don’t need to spend any extra money on a backup camera with a monitor. Also this means you don’t need to clutter up the front of your car or truck with a monitor, so depending on your situation that could be a huge win!

Of course I would suggest picking up a mount for your smartphone. You don’t want to be just holding it in your hand if you try to reverse out of the driveway or hitch a trailer.

Another advantage of the Wi-Fi backup camera system is that it only cost $130. Mini backup camera systems cost far more than that.  Although products like the peak wireless backup system are more cost efficient, you’ll be cluttering up the front of your truck or car with a monitor that is completely useless other than when you’re backing up.

4UCAM Wifi Backup Camera Problems

The first problem with this model of backup camera is that there is a delay between what is actually shown on the screen and what is actually behind your vehicle.  This  makes it extremely hard to hitch a trailer or even know that it is safe to backup.

The second major problem with the Wi-Fi backup camera is that the single can be lost.

Even some backup camera systems that are built to work together have trouble with wifi connection, so it makes sense that a camera and a phone that are made by different manufacturers aren’t always going to work so well together.

Also the 4UCAM doesn’t have an easy to use application.  Not having an application to work with the camera means that if your phone has an update that changes its Wi-Fi settings, then the company itself has no way of updating the camera.  This is a serious problem that iPhone users especially suffer from when trying to connect to a cars bluetooth.

I suggest you try the following alternatives:

Backup Camera for Trailer Hitching

Backup Camera for Cars 


Before you purchase I would seriously consider the above models.  The 4UCAM is lacking, and only has a three star rating on amazon.com, but in the end there are better alternatives on the market. And like I aleray mentioned start by checking out the two above…

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