Swift Hitch SH01 wireless backup camera Review

There is a reason the Swift Hitch SH01 is top selling product and today we reveal all the details in our wireless backup camera review.  The Swift Hitch is going to be one of the more expensive wireless backup cameras we have reviewed. But most believe it is worth the extra cash because the rear view camera has fantastic reviews on amazon.com and etrailer.com not only because it is user friendly and versatile. You almost must consider that this backup system is the Swiss Army knife of hitch backup systems.

If you are looking for one of the most user friendly trailer hitch backup systems you don’t have to look very hard click here for full details or read on for more amazing facts.

A great example of the use of the the Swift Hitch SH01
is in the Installation.

  • No need to wire it to your backup light wireless backup camera review

  • No need to run wiring through dashboard

  • No need to screw it onto your license plate.

  • No tools required, honestly.

The only thing you need to do is charge the 4 hour battery unit and attach it to your vehicle using the mounting hardware or order the industrial suction cups (not include). Charge, stick and go…

The little portable monitor is light and easy to carry in one hand, has clear view color display which has fantastic night vision built right in.

swifthtich3Getting crystal clear night vision is often a problem with less expensive units, so it’s nice to see that Swift Hitch SH01 solved this problem which gives them a market advantage over their competitors.

You don’t need a large screen when backing up toy our trailer as long as you can see the hitch and trailer you will be fine. However, if you have poor eyesight you can always upgrade to a larger screen.

One complaint that I read often is that many don’t like the way the monitor hooks up and that is with suction cups. Don’t worry, the Swift Hitch, was design to be portable. The suction cups are industrial grade much like you will find on a handy cap support bar for a shower. Find this camera at a discounted price by clicking here.


Here is why it is called the Swiss Army Knife of wireless backup systems:

The biggest benefit of the Swift Hitch SHO1 (Swiss army), is that it isn’t just used for backing up to your trailer. You can install it inside a trailer so you can keep a close eye on livestock as you are hauling them. Another use is to assess or inspect under a vehicle noshift hitch review matter how low to the ground it is, this will save your back when sneaking a peak.

The Swift Hitch SHO1 is designed for anyone that wants to save time hitching up to trailers. This unit comes in handy for those that have neck and back problems as well as limited visibility on their vehicles.

If you hate complicated installs, or just want a great system without all the complications you the Swift Hitch is for you.

When it comes to the Swift Hitch SHO1-The only limitation is your own imagination…

let it run wild!

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