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Welcome to Backup Camera HQ where today we are detailing a great alternative to smartphone bluetooth cameras by presenting our this RV backup camera reviews summary.

But before we get to the review, picture this, you park you’re 30’ long RV at a rest stop. When you arrived, there wasn’t but two small cars and a couple of tractor trailers parked that night. The next morning you wake to the sound of children playing.

As you get ready for another day of driving you find the parking lot full of little leaguers and spectators. The park actually doubles as the towns baseball field.

rv backup camera reviews

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This is no fun.

It leaves you feeling more than a little anxious, because your RV is too big, and backing out is going to be a real pain.

Then you begin thinking about the children in the park and what “if’s” begin flooding your mind.

“What if you were to accidentally hit one of the children?”

  •     That’s when you know it’s time to make a change.

  •     That’s when you know it’s time to for a solution.


 Easy Solution:

And that’s exactly what you’re about to learn how to do, so read on…

Almost every driver that I know (present company included) has had those kinds of mornings. It doesn’t matter if you’re driving a pickup truck, Bus or an RV.

Inevitably, you’re going to be faced with having to backup blind, crossing your fingers and praying that you will not take out someone else’s car or worse…

However, the solution is simple. You need a rear backup camera system installed on your RV.

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Rear View Safety’s two Camera System:

Rear View Safety, is leading the way with backup camera technology and has produced a duel rear vision backup camera system that will have you seeing double:

  • No more putting your family members in harms way spotting for you
  • You will know by the foot how far away other vehicles are while you manoeuvre in tight spots
  • You will be more relaxed and confident knowing exactly what is going on behind you

You need the best wired backup camera monitoring systems available that won’t break your bank account. Here at backup HQ we highly recommend Rear View’s Model #RVS-770614 duel backup camera system for your RV, or bus.


Why this RV Rear View Camera?

This duel camera’s system will give you the best rear view, a complete 180 degree’s and the monitor has distance grids so you know exactly how far another automobile is from you. It also comes with mirror image capabilities which increases your vision for a clearer view.

You won’t see that on a single camera system!


Rear View Safety’s Duel Backup Camera System:

rv backup camera reviewsFrom our experience this RV backup camera is top of the line when it comes to durability and it is everything you would expect for the price which is nice.

•    This system comes with two heavy duty camera’s which will stand up to the roughest terrain you can dish out or the harshest of elements even if you live in Alaska. They are completely weather proof, strong, reliable, and shock resistant up to 20G standard which is the highest rating in the industry. The lenses reach out to 130°angle which is little less than your own eye’s vision and it comes standard, right out the box with 50 foot infra-red night vision built right into it.

•    The monitor can be installed in almost any location you want it. The duel camera system comes complete with a crystal clear digital lcd monitor with distance grid mentioned earlier and mirror image capability for less distractions while you are focusing on your driving. This not only makes it easy on you but safer too.

•    The 3 channel multi-plexer allows you to connect to almost any devise or extra camera’s you might have installed and it comes complete with all the wires, connectors and mounts you will need to get the system hook up and ready to roll

•    Many RV’s and larger vehicles like to park in area’s with an extra large parking lot on their travels, which will make this system almost a must have because you never know if the lot will fill up around you, forcing you to have to backup. That’s what makes Rear View Safety’s Duel Back up camera system superior from other models, giving you and your family a supreme safety experience any way you look at it.

Find this great RV rear view camera here.

What are others saying about Rear View Safety’s System?

Reading reviews on is one way to see how your product performs in the real world.

One customer gave Rear View’s duel back up camera system a rare 10 stars. Here is what he had to say:

“The product is durable and the customer service was fantastic!” Click here to read it yourself.

Only good things have been said about the shipping of Rear View Safety Duel backup camera system:

“Lightning Fast!”

Another customer commented that it shipped the same day he ordered it.

Rear View Safety’s customer service is the best in the industry. These guys have set a high standard that it’s competitors can’t come rv cameraclose to.

I have heard reports of customers emailing Rear View Safety for help with installation issues and the company called them on the phone to walk them through the problem.

This type of customer service leaves its competition in the dust. No wonder Rear View is considered the industry leader.

Get fast shipping with the world’s most trusted online retailer here, or still not convinced Rear View Safety’s dual backup camera system is right for you?

How about…

  •     Insurance: If you have an accident you personally will have to payout of pocket the deductible. Mine is a $1000. That will pay for not 1, not 2, but 3 of these camera systems.

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