Pyle PLCM7700 backup camera system review – Part two

Welcome to part two of the Pyle PLCM7700 backup camera system review, here at Backup Camera HQ we work hard to bring you all the details you need to find the perfect camera!

backup camera system review

We continue our review with tips for installation:

    • The green wire on the
      Pyle PLCM7700 will connect your reverse light wire.

    • Create a plan: Look at all the hardware that comes with PLCM7700 Backup system
      and lay them out ahead of time before installation.

    • Possible Connections: Most professional installers will take power for the backup system from the reverse light but if your vehicle is equipped for pulling a trailer, you will have easier access from the trailer connection.

  • Take Notes: Note whether or not you have to do any pre-drilling. Every vehicle is different. Look in your trunk or under the rear end for wiring harness that you will tap into and follow the cables back to the license plate. By doing this you might not have to drill any new holes at all.

  • Map out your wiring run: You can use blue or red painters tape in order to mark your run for the camera wire. The back up kit comes with a 17’ cable. This may seem like a lot of cable considering your car or truck is going to be less than 10’ long. However, from our experience a 90 degree turn or bend takes up at least one foot of the cable. You may have to purchase extra wiring in order to make the connection.

  • Take Good Photos: You can also take good photos of the area that you will be working in before installation begins. This step will give you visual references of the work areas and you might see some thing you might have missed during your planning time.

  • Make the Connection: Before installing the system connect the monitor to the camera and make sure the product works. Then locate your reverse light wire and follow these steps in order to make the connection:

  • The black wire on the backup system connects to the ground wire

  • Finally the red wire is the “hot” wire and powers the system.

Generally, the wiring is color coded so all you have to do is wire the matching colors together. However, some vehicles wiring systems may differ depending on age, make and model. Always refer to your owners manual wiring chart before implementing this tip.

If you find yourself stuck at any point, you can always watch our installation video (video link) there are many video tutorials on backup system installation on They might not be product specific, but they will be a great source of information.

NOTE: If you are planning on having a professional install your new Pyle backup monitoring system the following tips may help you locate the funds to pay for the install.

  • Affordable Alternative:Consider purchasing the rear view mirror back up monitor. The mirror backup monitor replaces your current rear view mirror and displays a 3.5” screen of your rear view.

  • Recruit Help: You probably have friends or family that are mechanically incline that can get the job done easily enough. Consider recruiting them to help with the install by bribing them with a good meal.

Conclusion of the Pyle PLCM7700 backup monitoring system

The Pyle PLCM7700 backup monitoring system is a perfect blend of innovation and excellence. If you have Champaign taste on a beer budget this is a fantastic choice for most car owners. This backup monitoring system is comparable to more expensive systems on the market today.

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