Part two of our PYLE PLCM7300BT Review!

Welcome to the second part of our Pyle PLCM7300BT Review. We will continue looking at some of the down falls or problems with this Pyle product. If you missed part one of our review you can find it here!

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A Continuation of the Cons

Pyle Plcm7300btBuilt in Microphone: If you plan on having a totally hands free experience you might want to continue using your ear piece for your phone. Because the microphone is on the back side of the monitor, (close to the wind shield) your conversation might seem a little light. Again depending on your automobile this is something you will have to test.

In order to get that semi– hands free feel you will want to purchase a phone mount for your dash. This way you can push the talk button when an incoming call comes in. The monitor is Bluetooth equipped but it won’t answer your phone for you.

If in doubt, hire a professional installer to do the work. Their shops have everything they would need to get this system up and running in under an hour.

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3 useful ways to improve your driving experience:

You knew it was going to happen… with all the accidents on the road today and many caused from the use of cell phones that city, state and government agencies are beginning to make it illegal to use a cell phone while driving.

All you have to do is drive on any military base and you will see a sign that says:


No Phone Zone!

Hands Free Only!

$150.00 Fine

If you Are caught Talking -Texting While Driving


We and Backup Camera HQ know there has been much advancement in automotive electronics that it is hard to keep up with all the new gadgets on the market today. However, when it comes to backup camera systems, there are only 3 useful ways to improve your driving experience and safety.

  • Backup camera mirror display: Is the most economical way to hands free safety. By using a PYLE PLCM7300BTrearview mirror monitor with Bluetooth technology like we have been discussing with Pyle PLCM7300BT backup camera mirror , you can see who is calling you and some of these monitors even allow you to answer the call without picking up your phone.
  • GPS navigation system: By installing a GPS navigation system in your automobile will allow you to hook up to a wireless backup system, cell, phone, IPod, and the list could go on. This is more expensive but boasts many extra feature.
  • Advanced stereo system: Even Pioneer, Delphi, and other audio manufactures are getting in the game. These systems again using Bluetooth technology, allow drivers to run multiple devise from an advance stereo system.

Conclusion Pyle PLCM7300BT backup camera mirror monitor

As you can see the Pyle PLCM7300BT backup camera mirror Monitor is a fantastic economical solution for most drivers, especially, if you don’t like learning new techniques like looking below your dash board while backing up.

Just doesn’t feel right does it?

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