Peak Backup Camera Review – Is it the Best Car Backup Camera?

In his Peak backup camera review we look at one of the most affordable wireless systems on the market, but is it the best? Yet many feel that affordability means that the product is cheaply made. In this review by Backup camera HQ, we will take a closer look at the Peak Backup system.

We’ll make this a little different from the rest of the reviews that we have written. We’ll start with the specs showing you what is specified on the sales page in bullets and then we will give you our expert opinion below each one with numbers, just to make it a little clearer for you.

peak backup camera review

Ready? Let’s roll up our sleeves and get going…

The Spec’s of Peaks Backup System

  •     Comes with a full 3.5-inch LCD color monitor with adjustable mounting arm and industrial strength suction cups that safely allows you to stick the monitor on your windshield. “Some have said that they can see a spray bottle from 10’ away and we love     the fact that it comes with distance lines which will make it that much easier to parallel park. Some have had concerns about the suction cups but we haven’t found any problems with them and neither have our reviewers”.

  •     peak123Weatherproof camera mounts quickly and easily to your license plate and offers 110-degree viewing angle, “which is less to be desired in our opinion”. Many reviewers have complained about the whether proofing not being good enough. This is an easy fix as we suggest adding little black silicon which you can easily find it your local automotive or hardware store”.

  •     Camera system installs on most vehicles in just minutes: “Not true. If you’re an expert installer you will have no problem installing the system in minutes. Of course we’re not all MacGyver, so expect it to take at least 2 hours.

  •     Standby with auto-on mode when camera is on: Since this system is wireless you may occasionally find that other Wi-FI or Bluetooth signals may interfere with Peak’s transmitter, which may cause the monitor to come on or go off when you least expect it.

    •     Included Hardware: Other backup models in this class keep their cost down by not including a monitor, or even the hardware you need for proper installation.   However, the Peak wireless backup camera system, comes with everything you need to get the job done.


Conclusion of the Peak wireless system

You’ve just discovered from our review…

  •     The Peak wireless backup system is the easiest to install, anyone can do it

  •     It has a crystal clear  monitor with distance lines built right in for better judgement     while you are backing up,

  •     all the hardware included to get your unit up and running fast

  •     This system is fantastic a choice for the safety of your family

The Peak wireless back up system is definitely not perfect, but the price almost makes it that way.

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