Part Two of our Koolertron License Plate Backup Camera Review

Welcome to the second part of our Koolertron license plate backup camera review

The big benefits of the Koolertron License Plate Camera

The price. Sprinting in at just under $20 can give you the confidence you need to back up anywhere even in extreme tight conditions at a price that will pay for itself the first time you use it.

The camera has a 120 degree viewing angle which is a whole lot better from most in its class and comes with built in guidance lines that allow you to calculate distances. This will allow you get closer than a barbers shave.

even has infrared night vision LED’s which will allow you to see much more clearly at night even under extreme rainy conditions because of it water proof seals that protects the electronics, even in a dust storm.

Straight out of the box here is what you get:

*The Koolertron Waterproof Rear View License Plate Backup CMOS Camera bar

*Power and video cable

license plate backup camera

*Hardware 2 sets one for the mounting and another for the connecting.

Problems with the Koolertron rear view License plate back up camera

There have been complaints that the picture isn’t as clear as most would expect. However, we have a fix that will improve the picture quality and that is to install a noise filter during installation.

Of course there is going to be installation issues just because this system is a hard wired back up camera and no two vehicles are just alike. If your not very handy and know nothing about simple wiring we suggest that you take your vehicle to a professional installer. However, if you enjoy getting your hands a little dirty and enjoy saving then this install should only take about an hour.

You can watch our installation video by clicking here

The Koolertron Rear View License Plate Backup CMOS Camera does not come with a monitor for the cab. In order to keep the cost down the company decided to sell this unit without it. Which is great if you already have a monitor and just need the camera?

If you need a monitor for this unit you may consider the “TFT 7 inch LCD Digital Car Rear View Monitor with Remote and Stand” or the TFT 3.5 Inch for a half the price.

Conclusion of the Koolertron Rear View License Plate Backup CMOS Camera

From our experience the Koolertron backup camera bar is a perfect solution for any vehicle owner. If you are planning on selling your older model truck or just want a retrofit any older car, truck or SUV, the Koolertron Rearview license plate CMOS camera bar just might be right for you.

Part 2 license plate Koolertron

Remember my friend Jack? He sold his F-150 pick up to a middle aged farmer that had knee surgery. The main selling point was the backup camera and not the stereo system.

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