Koolertron backup camera is worth the purchase! Review Part One

Welcome to backup HQ reviews, today were going to dissect the Koolertron rear view license plate backup camera. First before we jump into the review, I want to tell you a little story about how this review came about.

Jack’s Koolertron rear view license plate backup camera Story

Not long ago, I was at a friend’s house we’ll call him Jack. I was helping him put a new stereo inside of his 1994 ford F-150. I like to refer to it as “The green Beast machine”.

As we were wiring the system, I noticed that there was a good 5 foot blind area when you reach around to look back.Koolertron backup camera

I ask him if he would be interested in hooking up a rear view back up camera.

“No way, I can’t afford a system like that right now” Jack explained “My hours were cut at work and there are rumors they might cut some more before Christmas”.

Not knowing exactly what to say, I ask, “Jack, how did you afford the stereo system?” Once the question pops out, I felt a little awkward.

But inquiring minds want to know.

He looks down at me as if embarrassed and a little annoyed by my question and let out a sigh. “I didn’t want to tell anyone but I need to sell the truck. The old AM/Fm cassette player didn’t work, so by replacing it I figured I could squeeze a few extra bucks out it”.

“Sell the beast? You know we could install a Koolertron backup camera on this thing for less than $20 dollars. The safety value alone will help increase the price. Not to mention if the person has a trailer they wouldn’t need to get in and out of the truck to line it up”.

Jack ordered the Koolertron rearview license plate backup camera bar for the beast. Even though he didn’t order a monitor for the camera, he still sold the truck and the backup camera was the main selling point to the farmer that wanted it.

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Why You Need a Koolertron Rearview backup Camera

Two reasons stand out:

* Safety first: Picture this, your backing out of your drive way to go to work. It’s early in the morning and children are walking down your street going to school. You slowly put your car in reverse, looking over your shoulder both ways as you approach the end of your drive just before the side walk begins.

You don’t see any children walking near you and no cars coming down the street. You ease your foot off your brake and begin backing out.

And that’s when it happens.

A little pig tailed girl on her bicycle complete with a little flowered basket on the handle bars darts out from behind the park cars on the street behind you.

Luckily, you see her in your rearview back up camera and was able to brake fast enough, not hitting her.

That’s just one reason. That little girl could have been two children chasing each other playing tag. Or it could have been your neighbor jogging down the street. The scenarios are endless.

* Ease of use: Imagine driving into the older part of your city. As older cities go you can only park on the side of the street in front of a conglomerate of businesses. The only parking spots close to where you are going are between cars, which mean you have to Parallel Park in order to get a good space.

Parallel parking isn’t hard for most experience drivers. Regardless of experience though if you’re like me, the thought of smashing into a park car as you try to maneuver your automobile into a tight space makes you begin to perspire.

With the built in distance lines on the monitor you can get within centimeters of another cars bumper, making pedestrians cringe on the street. Heck, someone may even jump in and try to spot you.

You can save yourself a few gray hairs if you had a Koolertron rear view backup camera installed on you vehicle. Read on to find out how…


You can have one shipped to your door beginning today!



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