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Welcome to Bluetooth Backup Camera HQ were today we have summarized the best RV backup camera reviews all into one place.  These great rearview cameras will work well with your smartphone too!  So no need to be inputting an extra monitor onto your RV, truck, or SUV.

RV Rearview Camera Systems, LLC

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This wireless iPhone Backup Camera by Rearview Camera Systems has the following positives and negatives.  You may just want to skip to the comparison section below if you’re in a hurry.


  • Wide angle 100 degree vision that allows for help with lane changing a big vehicle
  • Will work with both Android and iPhone smartphones, but not tablets.
  • Very little delay in video feed
  • Updates to iPhones should not cause problems because of the technology the app uses.
  • Free application
  • System does not need cell phone service


  • Does not work with iPad or Android tablets
  • Can’t be removed during rain storms
  • connection will drain your phone.
  • Installation does involve hooking it up to wiring in the back of your RV. For a better idea of what this may look like checkout our installation video on our homepage.
  • No extra cameras can be added to the system
  • Price: click on product image for current price

Find further details about iPhone Backup Camera by Rearview Camera Systems here.

Esi HitchWorld Portable Wifi Trailer Cam EH05

The Esi (Easy) HitchWorld is a best selling camera that comes in at only $200.

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  • System does not need cell phone service
  • The app is free and is call UCCAM
  • Will work with Android and iPhone smartphones
  • Also works with iPad
  • Uses a battery that will last 7 to 8 hours and makes for a much easier installation.
  • You can screw the camera down, or just use the magnetic backing
  • Has a 300 foot range from smartphone to camera. (In an open space)


  • No extra cameras can be added to the system
  • Can be removed during rain storms
  • You need to make sure your phone is plugged in or the power will drain quick.
  • narrower field of vision
  • Some reviewers complain about connectivity.
  • Despite the claim of HD reviewers complain about purple
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Read further details about the Esi HitchWorld portable wifi trailer camera.



So the major difference between the RV Rearview Camera System (RV RCS) and the Esi HitchWorld is that the RV RCS has a wider field of vision. This makes the system much more useful when changing lanes.


However the Esi HitchWorld runs on batteries, so easy easier to install.  This could be a problem though, since the batteries only work for 7-8 hours.


The Esi HitchWorld works with a magnet and so is very similar to the popular iBall trailer hitch camera.  This means you can have the camera attached when you want.  So during that crazy rain storm, you can take the camera inside.  However it also means that you may forget the camera on your vehicle and someone could walk up and take it.


The RV RCS is usually double the price of the Esi HitchWorld.  So you need to decided if wider viewing angle, and not needing to worry about a battery is worth it to you?


I would suggest going with the cheaper of the two models, the Esi HitchWorld.  You can purchase it here from the worlds most trusted online retailer.

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