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If you’re in the market for a reliable wireless backup camera system that helps you hitch a trailer effortlessly, then stay tuned, because you will get all the details of the iball camera in this review roundup. The camera is the easiest way to hitch a trailer, and the easiest backup camera to install.

Simple Trailer Hitching for Anyone:

I read a story about a disabled veteran that was looking for a wireless backup camera, so he wouldn’t have to get out of his truck many times while hooking up to his trailer. He also wanted to be able to move the system to his personal car when he needed to go shopping. You can picture his disappointment when he was told by professionals that such a system didn’t exist.

Imagine his surprise when he learned about the Iball wireless trailer hitch camera system. We imagine he was over joyed!


Product Positives:

  •     Wireless: Transmission give you up to 100-foot of crystal clear visual range using a 2.4 GHZ transmitter and receiver. You will see almost everything behind you even the hitch itself.

  •  iball1   Color Monitor: has a 2.5″ LCD screen and plugs right into truck dashboard power port. This makes the monitor easy to install and remove. Not to mention it makes it easy to transport anywhere.

  •     Magnetic Camera Mount: let’s you mount the camera anywhere on your vehicle with no hardware and wiring.

  •     100% waterproof submersible Camera:

  •     Easy Installation: Even if you don’t know a wire nut from a wing nut, installing your new iball camera system is as simple placing the camera where you want it and plugging in the monitor. Click here to find the current price of the iball backup camera here, or view the video to see just how easy it is to install. Click below and enjoy the show.


3 Problems you may Encounter with the iBall Camera:

The iball camera can act as an additional rear view mirror however, we don’t recommend it. That’s because the monitor doesn’t turn off while you are traveling. Seeing the road stripes in your rear view can become annoying. Not to mention a safety hazard.  In addition the camera lens is a fish eye style, which makes it unusable as an actual rear view mirror.

There are some battery issues as well – Unlike wired backup camera’s the iball wireless hitch rear view camera eats up batteries fast. The solution is too either use rechargeable batteries or keep extra’s on hand.

The grand daddy problem comes from the fact that the iBall wireless trailer hitch camera uses bluetooth and can cause interference from crossed signals.

Fortunately, there is a solution:

  1.     Turn off your cell phone: Most cellphones come equipped with Bluetooth technology which allows you to share photos, emails, and music files with others close by. If you have a buddy with you have them turn theirs off as well.

Once you have hitched your trailer just turn the monitor off and turn your phone back on. This is a cheap solution for all the perks this backup system has.

Due to the high efficiency and ease of use of the Iball wireless hitch backup system many customers are finding other uses for it such as and definitely not limited to:

  •     Keeping an eye on children in the back of campers and RV’s

  •     Keeping an eye on livestock during transport.

  •     Some have report that they have used it as a cheap surveillance camera

  •     Because it is 100% water proof and submersible we think that you could also attach it just under the bottom of your fishing boat.


One More Customer Comment:

Now that we’ve gone over the nuts and blots of the iball camera review, we wanted to share a customer comment about this product:

“Great Vision! The monitor gives you a great color picture of your surroundings and it allows you to rotate the camera angle for different view points. The lens is top of the line you can see people in movement over 100 yards away.”



If you have been paying attention to this review of the Iball Wireless Trailer Hitch Camera system, you know by now that this is one of the most versatile, convenient and easy to use backup cameras on the market today. Aside from a few glitches, that are easily fixed by turning off any Bluetooth devices this is the right camera for the job! Find the current price from the most trusted online store in the world here.

 This system will not only make your vehicle safer, it makes hitching a trailer as easy as watching TV.

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