Bluetooth rear view camera Review | Pyle PLCM7300BT Review

Welcome to Backup camera HQ, today we are going to review Pyle PLCM7300BT hands free bluetooth rear view camera. The great thing about backup monitoring systems is they protect the investment in your vehicle and most importantly family and friends.

Pyle PLCM7300BT

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The old saying goes “it’s hard to teach old dog’s new tricks”. Have you ever tried to teach your Grandmother how to write and send a simple email? Take it from me it can be an uphill battle.

Its almost the same way with driving. Slap a fancy monitor on the dash or in the console and to an experience driver it becomes a major distraction.

It’s really not that you can’t teach an old driver new tricks, why would you want too?
That is why today, we are going to review the PLCM7300BT backup mirror monitor.

What makes the Pyle PLCM7300BT backup camera mirror monitor a perfect solution?

Simple, the monitor snaps over your existing rearview mirror with a universal clip, and since you won’t have to look down at secondary monitor your backing up will be more natural. The monitor itself is a 7 inch TFT and has built in night vision and Bluetooth technology. There is even a microphone for hands free talking.

If you’re wondering if this monitor takes the place of a good mirror, then the answer would be a big no. The screen splits so you can see both the camera view behind and the mirror giving you a major a vantage over a standard mirror.

For those with slow vision you can change the resolution to a wide screen, which might help.

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Bluetooth Pyle PLCM7300BT Review

As with any product there are some short comings with this monitor…


If you want to conceal the wiring for the monitor then the hardware you get from the manufacture probably won’t be enough. We recommend that you order extra cabling to extend the video cable for your monitor.

Another hardware issue that we here at Back Camera HQ, have encountered is that in some circumstances you may also need to lengthen the backup camera with extra gauge wire so it will be long enough to hook up to your backlights.


Regular readers would know that my biggest pet peeve with backup cameras is with the instructions. The backup systems themselves are not that complicated unless you know nothing about automobile wiring.


A lot of the instructions I have seen from manufactures are ridicules. The pictures normally in black and white barley show anything. And the written instructions are just as bad. That is why we have taken the time to create installation video. If you decide that you’re going to install your system yourself, take the time to watch our videos. They will be more enlightening than the instructions.

We have more to share with you about the Pyle PLCM7300BT bluetooth rear view camera in the second part of our review…click here to find it!

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