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We want to help you find the perfect Bluetooth camera iPhone today. The Backup Camera HQ website is a site dedicated to reviewing all types of rear view cams, so you have come to the right place. We will explore the pros and cons of the product and point you in the direction of some alternatives, just so you can be sure you’re making the right decision.bluetooth camera iphone

The One mintue Review:

  • The Good –  This is a great camera to use as a baby monitor in your house or car because of it’s clear picture, and affordability.  
  • The Bad – This camera really isn’t meant to be attached to a car, and unless your are determined to make that happen, and have the skills to make it happen then you should consider an alternative.

The Final Word

  • A) If you are looking for a baby monitor then the Googo is exactly what you want.
  • B) Find alternatives listed below in red.  
  • C) Read our detailed review below.


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Overview and Specifics:

Googo has created an app which allows you to connect via wireless connectivity to the Googo camera. You can use a PC or a smartphone to do this. The camera can be used for security, a baby monitor or with some tinkering it can also be used as a backup camera on your vehicle.

Googo Review

An original product: The Googo app and camera are one of only a couple truly smartphone connenting cameras. The AIri being another similar model.

Consistent: The Googo gives a great image and does a consistent job pairing through Bluetooth.

Impress your friends: Being able to use your smartphone as a backup camera monitor is just cool.

IOS app: works well and has gotten positive feedback. The android version unfortunately has had a lot of negative comments.

The Googo not all Goodo:

Waterproofing: This camera isn’t water proof at all which means you would need to install it in the back window of your car. Not really idea especially if your looking to hitch trailers. I’d suggest you checkout our review of the I ball wireless backup if your looking to hitch trailers.

Android app: As mentioned before the Googo Android Bluetooth backup camera app doesn’t work well. When it launches it asks to be connected to a licensed product? The app also seems to activate or prompt you every time your phone picks up any wireless signal. App are always being updated though so checkout the play store.

Installation: If you take a moment and think about the implementation of this product you’ll realize there are several key components you need in place to use the Googo camera as a rear view camera. You need to have your smartphone mounted on your dash or window with charger. You need to find a way to secure the camera at the back of your car not easy task considering it is a cylinder.

No company website: currently there is no Googo website and so very little accountability, when it comes to repairs or returns. But if you buy from a good seller they should take returns. Purchase one at a fair price by clicking here.

Not the Perfect Bluetooth Camera iPhone

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