CAM4U All in One: The GPS and Bluetooth Backup Camera system reviews Summary!


Welcome to Backup Camera HQ where today we will help you look over a summarized version of the many Cam4U Bluetooth backup camera system reviews from all over the web.  This product is one of the “sickest”  wireless backup camera navigation systems on the market today.


4UCam Wireless Navigation Benefits you can’t resist:

You’re going to get a 7″ combination backup camera with GPS capabilities and has an auto switch for different camera views all on one screen. Not bad for a flip of a switch.

Totally waterproof camera with day and night vision and long range wireless signal which sends everything it see’s to it’s powerful 4ucam1530MHz Samsung cpu, that fires the 840X400 pixel HD all digital display that you can control with the touch of the screen.

This system wouldn’t be complete without the duel WI-FI speakers and built in FM transmitter. Did we mention it comes pre-loaded with maps of the U.S. and Canada and text to speech voice guide for a true hands free experience?

Wow! That is a lot of features pack into one system. As they say on Brooklyn’s left bank, “there comes a time when you can’t stand still”. Checkout customer reviews here.

Features Fully Explained:

One of the more popular features of the 4Ucam back up system is the Bluetooth function. Once initiated the system will shut down all back ground noise such as your radio or cd player. This is one its safety feature that will allow to focus on a phone call or when you are backing up or parallel parking.

This is really a nice feature to have. I just wished they made one for background noise in the shop.

Perfect Sized Monitor display: Most backup Navigation systems have between a 3.5 and 5 inch display. This is a good size for most vehicles. However, this the 4Ucam display’s a nice 7’ screen for a clearer picture of your rear view.

Hardware Included: Not all backup systems are alike. Many brands try to reduce the price of their product by not including some of the necessities like the monitor mounting bracket, wiring and other hardware. We are glad to report that the 4UCam backup navigation System, come complete with everything you need to get it installed.

Other goodies out of the Box: The 4uCam comes with twin Wi-Fi speakers for greater sound quality. The system even Store data such as music and your favourite family photos and not to forget 2Gig SD or MMC memory card.

FM transmitter: If you have a great sound in your vehicle already then you may want to switch on the FM transmitter to listen to your tunes. The monitor speakers are good but may not be good enough.

Bluetooth Navigation: One of the major advantages the 4UCam navigation system with backup camera has over its competitors is with their lithium batteries. This hybrid doesn’t need to take up any of your power ports to operate as many wireless backup system do. The battery last for 3 hours of perfect run time. If you are going to be using the system longer be sure to purchase back up batteries. Ready to purchase? Find the all in one camera here, or read on!


4UCAM’s License Plate Camera:


Waterproofing is always an issue so today you are going to discover the difference between Whether proofing and waterproofing:

Whether proofing: When you see that a backup system is whether proof, that just means that it comes with plastic shields that keep most of the rain out of the camera’s lens.

Waterproofing: Means just what it says water proof. The lens of a backup system comes manufactured with seals that will definitely keep the water out and your lens dry on the inside. However, we suggest coating your plate with black silicon and give some extra waterproofing, just to be on the safe side.

Installation: there is some wiring required with the 4UCam Navigation System. All it amounts too is wiring the camera to your backup lights, so the system will turn on when you need to back up.

You might want to watch these two video’s before you tackle the job or have a professional do the installation.

We consider the 4UCAM Navigation system with backup camera, “the Rolls Royce” of hybrid navigation systems. It’s a smart purchase for a solid product.

In this day and age of high performance backup systems you won’t find a better and safer product for your money. We Recommend you purchase from the world’s most trusted online store.
The 4Ucam will make your vehicle more safer because it allows you to answer your phone hands free, equipped to serve with its GPS and loaded to the gills with maps for the U.S., and Canada, and text-to -voice guide.

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