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You have come to the right place if you are looking to explore Bluetooth backup camera reviews today! Not only do we have great reviews on the latest Bluetooth backup cameras, but we also have some great alternative cameras, both wireless and wired. We take information from all over the web and share it here on Backup Camera HQ and via our YouTube channel. Although we do not have reviews for all backup or rear view cameras on the market we do have all the cams that are top sellers in one place!

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Article Purpose:

In this article we will outline the different types of Bluetooth rear view cameras because there are a variety of different cameras all classified as Bluetooth. As mentioned before we will also look at alternatives, such as, wireless and wired cams. In fact we have a video below that outlines alternatives if you decide a Bluetooth camera is not for you.

Bluetooth Backup Camera – What you need to know

When people first start searching for a Bluetooth backup camera they usually want a camera which will pair or connect kooler1with their smartphone. This means they don’t won’t need to purchase a full backup camera system or a screen to go with their camera. Unfortunately, the phrase ‘Bluetooth Backup Camera’ can refer to more than just this one idea, and may actually refer to one of the following three things:

  • the aforementioned camera that connects with your smartphone
  • a rear view camera system which allows you to take phone calls
  • and to some Bluetooth may simply refer to a wireless backup camera

The first of the above three is a camera which connects to your smart phone via Bluetooth. This is easy to understand, but the second on the list needs a little more explanation. Most full backup camera systems come with the camera and a monitor. Some of the more advance monitors allow your smart phone to connect to them for hands free calling.


Here are some available products:


The Googo app and Googo Bluetooth Camera: This is a camera and application combination for your smartphone which allows you to use your phone as a display for the camera.  Explore the pros and cons of our full review.

4UCAM Wireless Backup Camera with Bluetooth Hands free Calling: If you are looking for a deluxe camera system this would be it. Play music, movies, and find your way with a built in GPS system. The large screen does a great job with all of this and pairs with your smartphone for hands free calling. Discover our review here.

The Wireless Iball Rear View Camera:  read all about the easy installation of this affordable camera in our full review. When it comes to hitching a trailer this is the camera we recommend the most. Explore our review here.


Most Popular Bluetooth Cam Alternatives:

As mentioned above here is a video show casing the Bluetooth rear view camera alternatives


You’ll notice that below and above the video are red links to the actual full detailed reviews for each of the cameras mentioned.

As promised here are links to more detailed reviews of the most popular products:

The Swift Hitch Wireless Camera: an ideal camera for hitching trailers, but read our full review to see how other people have been using the easy to install camera. click here.

Peaks Wireless Camera System: this affordable system is great for cars and small trucks. Discover how to install the system in our quick review. Find the review here.


Another Alternative: Wired Cameras

Even with all the tech advances of today’s world wired backup cameras are still the most reliable…

The Top RV and large truck camera is RearView Safety’s model – Large RV and trucks don’t do so well with Bluetooth or wireless cameras. So get all the details about this durable backup camera with one or two cameras. Full review here.

Boyo Rear View Cam: this camera works great with your current display, and is a great mix of affordability and quality. Get all the details here.


Buyers Guide:

Our product table below shows even more choices, but here are a list of things to keep in mind when purchasing a camera

  • size of screen
  • angle of view
  • water proofing
  • quality and detail of camera
  • Do you want more than just a camera?

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Photos provided by: Stephanie Precourt, Svante Adermark



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