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Hello and welcome to an overview of the best wifi backup camera on the market in 2016.  The Bluetooth Backup Camera market is one that has evolved from basically nothing to actually some decent products within just the last couple years, so let’s take a look at just how far these products have come, and if they are any good?

Rear View Safety Backup Camera System

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The model RVS-020813 is one of the top bluetooth backup cameras for the money.  Rear View Safety (the company name) is known for creating quality products, and then supporting them with quality customer support. From helping customers with installation, to making sure that returns are painless this is a great company to purchase from. Read more about this product here…


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    • Known to produce quality products
    • Great Customer support


AGE PekAGPtEK’s New Wifi Rear View Camera (Cheapest)

You get what you pay for! At only $40.00 this is a great wifi rear view camera, if you are looking for something cheap to test out on your car. Sometimes folks purchase a cheap back-up to see if they can actually install it.  That way if they fail they aren’t out over one hundred dollars or more.  However, if you review the steps of installation in the video on our home page, you’ll see it’s a lot of work.  So unless you’re a Bob the builder type that enjoys working on projects like this, I’d find something easier to install.  Read more reviews of this product here.


  • Click product image for current price
  • Questionable Quality
  • Great first camera (see above)


Brandmotion Android Only Camera 

The Brandmotion isn’t actually a bluetooth or wifi camera, but works via a mini-usb cable. So this is a wired backup camera, but it was been included here brand motionbecause 1) The limited reviews have been great! 2) You use your phone as the screen.  Read more about this unique camera here.


    • Click product image for current price
    • Wired not bluetooth or wifi
    • Android only


An RV Backup Camera For Smartphone

If you’re driving something on the larger side and use an iPhone than you should consider purchasing this iPhone Camera.  It is expensive, butiphonerv the reviewers suggest it works well, and looks very easy to install. Read about it here.


    • Click product image for current price
    • Easier installation
    • Great for large trucks and RVS
    • Night Vision



iPhone and iPad Backup Camera Tadibrothers

Similar to the camera above this Tadibrothers model has a long range of 15 feet, and so tadiwould work well with a larger truck, SUV, or even an RV. It is a bit cheaper at about two hundred dollars, but installation is going to be more difficult. Another viable option for you to consider, so read more here if interested. Read more about the product here.


    • Click product image for current price
    • Good for larger vehicles
    • Tadibrothers are a quality brand name


bluetooth and wifi cameraHitchWorld Portable iPhone and Android Wifi Trailer Hitch Rearview Camera (Top seller)

This portable camera has been selling out quickly.  It has a magnetic base, and a built in battery. It will connect directly to a iPhone with a 300 foot range! It works with both iPhone and Android, and as mentioned earlier not a lot of phones do. The one draw back is that this camera is a little too big for a car, but would fit well on larger SUV’s, Trucks, and RV’s. Read more about the product here.


    • Click product image for current price
    • Works on Android and iPhone
    • Impressive 300 foot range



4UCAM Backup Camera For Both Android and iPhonewifi bluetooth

Do you love your Android smartphone, but your wife loves her iPhone? Well this is one of the few rear view cameras that will actually work with both types of smart phones.  But this product isn’t cheap, so your going to pay for that convenience! Read a full review here.


    • Click product image for current price
    • Works on both Android and iPhone
    • Fits on license plate


Quick Note: None of these rearview cameras come with a smartphone holder!


Well that is a great outline of bluetooth rearview backup cameras that are available on the market today.  So scroll up and find the camera that’s best for you…


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