Best Car Rearview Camera for iPhone or Android


Welcome to another review roundup detailing the best car rearview camera for smartphones. Today we will be comparing two great cameras one by Tadibrothers and the other by Brandmotion. And as an alternative at the end of the review we will also mention the best selling iBall backup camera, that uses bluetooth technology, but not your phone. You may just want to skip to the comparison section below.

Tadibrothers iPhone and iPad Rearview Cam

This is one of the few cameras that will work with both the iPhone and an iPad.  Which is really cool if you have an iPad mounted in your car! At $200 it’s cost is about average, but read on to find out more of the positives and negatives


  • Works with both a iPhone, iPad, and Andriod
  • Free iPad app called WIFIAV
  • includes color grid to help with parking
  • image can be reversed to use on front bumper


  • Does not have night vision
  • Takes 2 or 3 seconds to connect after putting it into reverse
  • limited range
  • Can’t stream music
  • App must be opened
  • Click on product image for current price

Discover more details about the product here.

BrandMotion Android Smartphone Backup Camera

This unique reversing camera is actually wired, so works well in a car because you don’t have a long way to run the wire.  If you’d like to see and example of camera installation check the video on our homepage.


  • One of the main benefits of the camera is as soon as you put your camera into reverse the camera image appears. Wifi cameras do not connect automatically.
  • You get to pick your own high quality camera
  • Has parking lines like most backup cameras
  • Free iPad app


  • You need to purchase an actual backup camera as this is just the receiver
  • Only works with Android phones, so you can’t use an iPhone at all because it connects to your phone using a mini usb cable
  • Extra installation time with wired running wire to phone
  • Click on product image for latest price

Find more details about the Brandmotion Camera here.


Wired or Wireless?

The Brandmotion product allows you instant access to the camera video feed, but wireless cameras take time to connect.  However, a wired product is going to take extra time to connect.


The Tadibrothers camera is usually more expensive than the Brandmotion product.  But remember that the Brandmotion product does not actually come with a camera.  So this means you need to pick up your own.  This could mean you end up with a higher quality camera in the end, but you’re going to pay for it.

Andriod or iPhone

Remember the Brandmotion camera only works on Android phones, and the tadibrothers product is marketed as an iPhone friendly product, but claims to work with Androids as well.


I would suggest purchasing the Brandmotion camera because you don’t need to wait for a connection.  You can purchase it here from the world’s most trusted online service here.

If your looking for a camera to help with trailer hitching then I’d suggest purchasing iBall backup camera.

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