Wireless Backup Camera System Reviews

If you find yourself counting your pennies these days you’re not alone, so we understand if your looking for an economical wireless backup camera system units. However, you should never sacrifice safety over frugality. That is why we here at Backup HQ, we have compiled our best 3 economical backup systems for you in one spot.

Before we get into today’s review I want to tell you a story about a buddy of mine that didn’t think he needed a rear view wireless backup camera system reviews
backup system. He didn’t want to spend the money on something he didn’t think he would use. After much persuasion he finally agreed to install one on his Honda SUV.

He admits that he really never used the system but one day as he was shopping after work he decided to turn the system on before backing out the parking space. Then it happened, as he was backing out and almost cleared to go forward, he glanced at the monitor to see a bright silver fender fill the screen.

A car in the opposite row decided to back out simultaneity without looking out for other vehicles. My buddy admits he didn’t see the other car from any of his mirrors and if he wouldn’t have looked at the monitor he would have back right into the other cars back passenger door.

Had he not turn the system on he would have had to fork out at least a thousand dollars for his deductible before turning it into his insurance to fix the damage. And if he would have been found liable for the accident it would have been even more, much more.

With that said, each of these backup systems in our Mini-View today are very budget friendly anyone that owns or leases an automobile can afford one.

The Peak wireless backup camera system:

This is the one my friends decided have us install on his SUV. It is really kind of a hybrid because you need to hard wire the camera which is easy to do.

Out of the box it comes complete with all the hardware for the install. Nothing is left out. The monitor comes with industrial strength suction cups so you can have confidence when placing on your windshield.

The only down fall that this system has is poor weather proofing, which is easily fix with a tube of silicon sealer. Check out our full review of the Peak Wireless backup system and the easy installation suggestions by clicking here.

VR3 wireless backup camera

Is a good choice for any car or truck. Again this is what we like to term as a hybrid wireless because the camera has to be hard wired to your light harness or trailer connector. The only thing that is wireless is the signal that communicates camerapic
between the monitor and the camera.

This system comes with all the hardware for the install and even has self tapping mounting screws and wedges to attach the camera to your license plate. The 3.5 inch monitor can be placed anywhere inside your vehicle as long as the power cord reaches the power port.

The Pyle wireless backup camera system:

What makes Pyle better than the rest? The camera has the best water proofing in this class and not just weather resistant, like most of its competitors. You won’t have to worry about any moister ruining the electronics. It also has the best lens in the economical class. Many manufactures that sell economical solutions generally leave important things like a monitor or hardware out of the package to make them more affordable.

Pyle doesn’t.


We hope you enjoyed our wireless backup camera system overviews. When it comes to hydride wireless backup systems these are the top 3 in the economy class. They may not be plug and play, but wiring and mounting the camera is actually the best way to go over magnetic mounting because they won’t fall off if you end up on rough terrain.

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